About the Eucharistic Crusade

About the Children's Eucharistic Crusade

Here you may download our introductory pamphlet.

What is the Eucharistic Crusade? Pamphlet Screen | Print

This is the introductory pamphlet for the EUC, meant to be given to both prospective members and to prospective benefactors. This is what you use to promote the Eucharistic Crusade. The printed pamphlet is two regular sheets of paper, printed front-to-back and folded in half. There are two versions here, the screen version and the print version (which is laid out for printing, of course!).

How to Start the EUC in Your Parish

Here you may download our get-started pamphlet.

How to Start the EUC in Your Parish? Pamphlet Screen | Print

The Eucharistic Crusade's Starter's Manual. You will want to read this because you are interested in the Eucharistic Crusade and the possibility of having it in your parish. This manual will help you understand the kind of work entailed in running the EUC and to discern what steps to take to get it up-and-running.